Sacred Lifeboats: September 11, 2001

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Life preserver Gift Community

Your lifeboat will be your community. Our new book, We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community, will walk you through the process of understanding why it has been so very difficult to build community, then imagining a new possibility with specific details of how to actually find people, invite them and structure the new committed group.

The Gift Community is what we have been waiting for, preparing for and now, in these times, actually needing. We are awakening to our need for each other, not just on a physical level, but on a heretofore unknown spiritual level. It is the transition from "All I need is within me" to "I need you!" – yet this is experienced not as a decrease in freedom, but an expansion. We are on an evolutionary journey to a depth of intimacy on the community level that we can barely imagine today, though we have long yearned for it.

In a Gift Community, everyone is fully capable of giving and receiving. We orient toward "What can I give" in any situation, even as we open to fully receive. Then, a miracle happens: something greater than any of us creates itself through our community, drawing on our gifts and gifting and expanding us in return. We easily and naturally “live the give-away” because that is who we have become.

Life preserver Food
From our study and experience, you might want to start with food. There is something both essential and nurturing about food as an opening conversation and possible project for the group. We found a fun example of how food can be seen and used to build new culture. Have you heard of the slow food movement?

Conversation Cafés Conversation Cafés
When we began building our own Sacred Lifeboat, we wanted to use the most powerful new processes available which effectively catalyze conversations that matter. We found a book called The World Café and have easily used these ideas to launch deep sharing oh how to build our lifeboat. We call these get-togethers the Lifeboat Café. We saw deep listening and powerful sharing immediately. We invite you to get the info. on how to do this simple and powerful process and get started now!

Life preserver Small Groups
I belong to a small group we call the Relentless Optimists (The name comes from the recognition that it is "Far too late and things are far too bad for pessimism."). The structure we offer for this group could be the beginning of your lifeboat. Build your base of community together, and then, as a bonded group, explore what to do to prepare for the new culture and/or survive the collapse of the old one.

Life preserver Social Inventions
We then suggest that you learn about social inventions as a cognitive understanding of what your group will be doing. Building a lifeboat will involve projects that involve several people, which are social inventions. We want to include here several social inventions that are already in place so that we do not have to reinvent them. There already exist hundreds of examples of people choosing to live together in wonderful, kid-friendly, minimum automobile, shared food, living arrangements. This movement is called Co-Housing. It is already being done, so there are those who can teach us, as we get ready to build our own living lifeboat.

Life preserver Money
As you grow deeper into the process of being together and studying how the world works, you will get to money. (My favorite web site article) This is a very important part of a truly evolved community as it usually shows up as complementary currency.


We provide this site as a toolkit and as inspiration for you to build and launch your own sacred lifeboat.


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