3 Simple Ways to Find Real Estate Investors to Sell More Houses 3 Simple Ways to Find Real Estate Investors to Sell More Houses
Selling houses in a crucial financial decision and took a lot of effort in selling the houses to legitimate real estate investors. For the... 3 Simple Ways to Find Real Estate Investors to Sell More Houses

Selling houses in a crucial financial decision and took a lot of effort in selling the houses to legitimate real estate investors. For the successful financial transaction, it is very important to work with a professional, experienced, and trustworthy real estate investors. If you are into real estate business and want to sell more houses to real estate investors, the first and foremost thing you have to do is create a powerful real estate investor buyer list.

Real Estate investors review the market, purchase the residential or commercial properties based on their objectives to gain a financial return.

It includes fixes-and-flips, rental, sale, purchase, ownership of the property for profit. They take the financial risk to build long term wealth.

Let’s have a look at how to find Real estate investors to sell more houses.


There are many websites such as National REIA, REI Club, and Connected Investors – all which have a real investment club. They host meetups and events, where like-minded individuals meet for discussion and networking. These websites are the best source to find out local real estate investor clubs around you. Check and find out when and where they are having their next meeting and attend.

These meetups are an excellent place to get connected with real estate investors. Joining these meetups, you will get to learn new information about real estate investing, find a mentor, and network with other investors. You will encounter with many investors who might be interested in your properties.

However, being a part of such real estate investor clubs, you will not only obtain the access of club members but also their networks. Club members have partners or investors in other areas. As a result, it will help you in finding more real estate investors. It is well said that “Grow your net worth by growing your network”.

Also, There are forums on the real estate investor website who organizes investor program or investor mentor program around the area. Try to find out and attend them.


With the growing era of the Internet and social media, online resources are one the best way to find real estate investors. Start searching online with your desired keywords, for instance, “home buyers” or “companies that buy houses near me” and Google will give you the entire list of real estate investors. You can also check their website and reviews. Investors who have bad reviews, you should stay away from them as it will affect your financial transaction. Make a list and call the one who has good reviews.

Be a part of different forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn pages in order to be a part of their discussion on every aspect of real estate investing. Become an active member of the groups and forums by regularly posting, sharing, and commenting on their post and discover the real estate investors. When you established a good presence of yours, send them a direct message for a personal meeting.

Getting involved in different real estate groups will also give you the chance to post your ads online with your additional details such as your contact number and a few photos of your properties asking investors to contact you. Posting ads online might interest them. Additionally, you can also post your ads online because most of the real estate investors spend their lot of time searching for properties and new deals, they might come across your ad.

There are some free websites such as craigslist where real estate investors or group of investors post their ads stating “we buy houses” on their real estate section. Create a list of such ads with the contact details, call or mail them to fix a meeting.

Lastly, you can also use the website, such as “MLS” and For sale by owner” listings to find professional real estate investors.


Print media is an old school method to find out the real estate investors for selling your investments. However, it is still the most effective and inexpensive one. Post your ads on newspaper to attract your potential real estate investors. Give all the details accurately such as property description, offer terms and your contact details.

You can always ask your local real estate agent if they personally know any investors. Finding real estate investors through a word of mouth is also a good option because they will be recommended by someone else.

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