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Something is coming . . . and it's coming fast now. We can feel it. It feels a little crazy and scary, yet strangely compelling. When we look at rapidly changing trends of our energy supply, economy, environment, social and political conditions, we see them converging like lines on the top of a basketball - all rushing so quickly that our ability to predict the future nearly vanishes. Sci-fi writers are out of a job!

For five years the subtitle of this site has been “Riding the Waves of America's Shadow.” In that time we have learned so much about this precarious ride. The dark shadows have gotten more obvious and what we can actually do has come more into focus. If you are new to this research there is information here that you do need to know.

Therefore I invite you to consider a journey. It will not be fun and you will likely feel powerless and some despair. I sure did. However, I have found that as we embrace the fear and hopelessness, we find options and take action. It is then noted that people often flip over into an infectious cheeriness as they get on with what has to be done.

Why we do this work . . . granbabies!
Those of us with kids or granbabies may feel a certain extra motivation. We choose to work with joy as our sacred context. Joy happens as we become more complex beings, doing that which we can't not do, which is our individual gift to the evolution of the divine.

So, I invite those who have the courage, to go down the rabbit hole. If you are one who can take this journey, I can promise nothing other than that you will have the information necessary to explore options to care for yourself, your family, our democracy and the planet.

Once you have educated yourself sufficiently to recognize the rapidly approaching perfect storm of economy, energy (Peak Oil) and environmental dangers, you will LIKELY be looking for what to do. I have come to understand that we must focus local and rebuild our personal and civil community.

We provide this site as a toolkit and as inspiration for you to build and launch your own sacred lifeboat.

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