WHERE TO START? With the success we have seen in digital marketing, it’s not uncommon to get inspired. If you have a background in...


With the success we have seen in digital marketing, it’s not uncommon to get inspired. If you have a background in marketing or have been exposed to the latest media trends, you might probably have grasped a thing or two in the essentials in digital marketing.

But how do you start?  What do you have to do?

“You have to stand apart by offering high quality, relevant experiences to audiences that you truly understand.” ~ Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

The quote you just read is true. You have to stand apart. Although you may have an interest in marketing like many others, think of your edge. What do you have that they don’t? What can you offer that they can’t?

You have to offer high quality and relevant experiences. Now, how quality is high quality? How relevant is relevant? To answer that you should know your target market. Knowing you target market will make creating content easier for you. If you know how your target market beats, you know you’re producing something relevant. How do you know it’s of high quality? You know it is high quality when you’re generating traffic already.

You must reach out to an audience you truly understand. Now, assess yourself. Do you really understand everything about your audience? Do you really know how they think? What makes them happy? What gets them excited? You should understand your audience the way a mother understands her toddler’s words. You should understand how they react to things and what angers them. Assessing your grasp of your target market is important because this can make or break you.

Now that you know that. Here’s how to get started in your Digital Marketing Mogul Journey:

  1. Stay updated.

You must know every hot and trending topic. If you read everything, you are aware of how to tackle things. If you read everything, you can foresee probable problems and make solutions even before it starts happening.

As marketer must know the trends and must know how to work with these trends.

  1. Apply what you’ve learned

You may have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, but marketing is not textbook. It’s focused more on applying all you’ve read and all the principles you’ve been exposed to.

Create marketing strategies and by implementing it, you get a first-hand experience on what’s effective for your company and what’s not. One tip in implementing these is creating a checklist, if the things on the list are not checked, work on how to get it done.

  1. Create Good Content

Good content goes with everything. When you have mastered the art of creating good content, you will certainly have greater chances of being known.

Good content must be relatable and engaging. Always write in the simplest way. Highfalutin words can be intimidating and it defeats the purpose of audience engagement.

  1. Connect with your customers

Always make sure that you target market is happy and satisfied.  When you get happy customers, it increases you sales. You should know that by now. When you connect with your customers, you create a feeling of affinity, and people like it when they’re part of something, and that they can have a say at something.

To be a marketing mogul, you have to understand the basics. When you don’t have a good grasp of the basics, you may encounter mistakes that could have been prevented if you knew the basics.

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