Advertising has been around since 1836, and it is still here up to this day because of how big of a business it has...

Advertising has been around since 1836, and it is still here up to this day because of how big of a business it has become. So much money has been invested in creating ads for traditional media but the assurance of landing customers isn’t always at par with the advertisers’ goals.

That’s why now we have digital advertising. Digital advertising is basically advertising through different social media platforms. Digital advertising is a newer form of making money out of media, but the production cost, time spent, and other collateral is less than that of traditional media. What’s even better about digital advertising is that we get a good grasp of the effectiveness of the ad.

Although digital advertising is a branch of advertising, the way to reach our audience is different digitally.

Have you heard of Web 2.0? It is where we see the thing connected to what we have previously viewed liked, shared and commented about. It’s actually very smart. As advertisers in the digital age, this is the chance where advertisers get to sell directly to prospect customers.

But, even as we have become adept to different social media platforms why do we still fail at digital advertising?

  1. Failing to think mobile

Yes, we know the ins and outs of traditional advertising, but that’s not how it’s done online. Sometimes, even the most effective traditional ads aren’t effective on digital.

So, how do we do it?

You must have a social media calendar. People hate it when they’re bombarded with too much ads. In our hopes to get money, subscribers, and a wide listing, we tend to overdo it. When we have a social media calendar, we can regulate our postings, and people could actually get to stop and read what we have to offer.

If we follow this calendar plan, more and more will be reached – daily.

  1. Advertising on the wrong site

Just because the site you’re planning to advertise to is an authority site with a big following, doesn’t mean it’s the site meant for your product or service to advertise on.

Make sure where you advertise reaches your target market too. It can be hard to choose, but when we put ads on the wrong site, this may actually damage our company.

  1. Faulty remarketing

Remarketing has continued to prove it’s effectivity over time. Remarketing is creating ads designed for the individual who has or who has not responded to the initial ad you posted. In this way, you can reach the prospective customer directly.

What we fail to do is we “untarget” the customers. We should not make them feel like they are being followed online, instead how we reach out to them must be spontaneous.

  1. Overly used ads

Yes, repetition is a thing. It is effective, but we don’t want to let people think that we don’t have time to create ads, and don’t you think this makes you a little desperate? Create a different ad message, and make sure you have a call to action.

  1. Social media + Ad mismatch

Don’t use the same ad in every social media platform. Yes, there’s only one message in all the ads, and yes the ads must be coherent, but that doesn’t mean it should be the same.

For example, Facebook is more for lengthy posts like testimonials and stories. You could also upload videos on Facebook. Instagram is for 15 second videos and well-curated pictures. You should know the type of ad that fits best for that social media platform.

Digital Advertising is promising. It brings a lot of opportunities for advertisers to be known. But as everything advances, so should our techniques in how we advertise our products.

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