5 Strategies To Get More From Your Video Marketing 5 Strategies To Get More From Your Video Marketing
Video marketing has arrived and is here to stay. Now this 2017 is where it’s at the peak because all the people are becoming... 5 Strategies To Get More From Your Video Marketing

Video marketing has arrived and is here to stay.

Now this 2017 is where it’s at the peak because all the people are becoming fonder of the digital over traditional forms of media, especially since they don’t always have the time to look through readings and books and written articles, one thing why people like video more is the convenience it brings.

And with YouTube being the largest video search engine, people are turning to it for more information, news, life hacks, reviews and the like.

As marketers we want to gain an even wider audience reach, of course.

Because our audiences have turned to videos, we as marketers need to make it easier for them to view and understand our videos, to be on top of the competition.

Let’s not forget about the fact that videos take a lot of work.

From pre-production which includes planning, brainstorming, writing creative scripts and storylines, creating storyboards, looking for shooting sites, and doing this all over until you get the perfect story, to the production process itself which includes creating and bringing to life what you’ve started in pre-production, with all the specific angles, shots, and generally the whole look of your video, to finally post-production which includes editing, rendering and editing more till your heart drops and finally get contented and happy with what your video has turned out.

And it doesn’t end there, imagine the amount of time, effort and money you’ve spent to make this video. It will be painful if you don’t get the results you wanted for this. It would be painful to not see any audience feedback from what you did.

So to prevent all the pain and the losses, here’s how to make most out of your video outside of investing in the right camera

1.Start at a certain time option

If you create a custom link that will make a viewer start at a certain time, you’ll definitely send your marketing message clearly and immediately, they don’t have to wait for the whole video to come about before they get what you want to say.

How to do this? When you click the SHARE button below the video, you will see a box that says START AT, and you can go from there, assigning the exact time the video you’re about to share shall start. Very easy, and effective.

2. Transcripts and the search bar

Did you know that inserting captions in your video allow you to get more chances of showing up at the top of the search bar? One of Google and YouTube’s criteria in ranking is transcription, so what are you waiting for.

How to do this? Just click the CC (closed caption, a.k.a. subtitles) option and you can choose whether to upload a transcript file, paste a full transcript (YouTube will generate the timings) or do the safest and most accurate which is to type as you watch the video.

3.Customize your URLs

YouTube makes you customize your URL for a more personalized feel to it. And it’s easier for your audience to remember. Because we want to develop a certain form of recall, right?

How to do this? Go on in and explore your YouTube account settings. Click the ADVANCED option and go to the NAME section. Note that you must be eligible to change the URL, so if you see that option there, click on and change. Think of your custom link properly because you can only change it once.

4.Adding links

YouTube allows you to add annotations on the description box of each of your videos. This is where you can link your website, or your other channels, which is very strategic for a marketer.

5.Add music to make it more interesting

What’s a good video without music right? Music adds excitement, and it adds more to the emotion your video is trying to evoke. YouTube provides a wide collection of royalty free music and sound effects where you can choose from. Just go to the Audio Library in the Creator Studio.

You don’t want issues with copyright here, so even though you won’t find the latest pop songs, at least you’re given a good selection to choose from.

YouTube is a life changer. But before YouTube contributes a great impact in your company, first do your part in creating ground breaking and well thought of content.

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