Sacred Lifeboats: September 11, 2001
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"Down one road lies disaster, down the other utter catastrophe.
Let us hope we have the wisdom to choose wisely." - Woody Allen

The world we live in too often feels like Alice's Wonderland. Exploring aspects of it can be a surreal journey past your comfort zone and, as the implications of each new awareness creeps in, you may want to scream or go to denial or shut down. The cognitive dissonance feels awful. And we can easily get depressed, feel despair or anger. We invite you to go down the rabbit hole only as deep as you feel ready at any specific time.

And, as we suggested on the home page, you will likely need to actually embrace the feelings of hopelessness and despair for however long it takes in order to feel ready to take action. So, with all that said, we invite you in for a peek.

ECONOMY: The best piece I've found is the Crash Course, created by Chris Martinson. He's a PhD, former Fortune 300 VP who states “The next 20 years will be unlike anything we have ever seen.” The collapse is just starting. Chris focuses on Economy, Energy & Environment as he suggests enough urgency that you will understand: “I NEED my neighbors!” Please take the time to study this exquisitely well done three-hour Crash Course, which is free. He gets 10,000 hits per day on his web site.

ENERGY: This is where the pieces come together. It gets obvious why we are in Iraq and why our leaders lied to get us there. The now popular words "Peak Oil" mean that we have now used half the oil on the planet. The remaining half is far more difficult to get, far lower in quality and is located in places where Americans are hated. This suggests oil will become far more expensive just as China has become a major user of oil and has become aggressively competitive. Imagine life without fuel. It takes ten calories of oil for every calorie of food we now produce. These are some of the highlights which we suggest you study intensively because their impact is already affecting you and will do so more and more dramatically every year.

ENVIRONMENT: To look deeply and quickly at the situation please see this 11 minute video: Although there is plenty more information, there is little more to be said, however there will likely be some grief.

DEMOCRACY: We begin with our deep concern over the loss of our sacred democracy. Over the last decade, the most glaring abuse has been the corporate-controlled voting machines, which have taken away our most basic right as American citizens. Besides the high-tech voting shenanigans, it seems more and more obvious that no one gets nominated to high political office without being fully vetted by the corporate powers and the it’s painfully obvious that We, The People no longer decide who will represent us in our government.

MEDIA: Next we suggest you look hard at the corporate media, which appears complicit in our loss of democracy and ignorance about the economy, energy and the environment. The most dramatic media subterfuge seems to be the "Big Lie" regarding the events of 9/11, which require only a little focused research to understand.

CORPORATIONS: To understand how we got into our current situation it helps to know about the most powerful organizations on the planet and how corporations operate. If you saw the recent film The Corporation you will recall the opening segment where several qualities of corporations were spelled out, at which point Dr. Robert Hare (world expert on psychopaths) stated that these were also the qualities of psychopaths (psychic vampires).

HOW CAN ALL THIS BE HAPPENING? This is the logical next question and we propose an answer. We observe that there exist some humans with no sense of conscience and who will prey on anyone and everyone in order to achieve power. Once in power they pose a survival level threat. This type of human is 2% of the population and responsible for 80% of the pain in the world. The classic psychiatric name for them is psychopath, we prefer the archetypal designation of "psychic vampire".

The strongest and most effective force in guaranteeing the long-term maintenance of power is not violence in all the forms deployed by the dominant to control the dominated, but consent in all the forms in which the dominated acquiesce in their own domination.
~ Robert Frost ~

We provide this site as a tool kit and as inspiration for you to build and launch your own sacred lifeboat.

Sacred Lifeboats

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