5 Strategies To Get More From Your Video Marketing

Video marketing has arrived and is here to stay.

Now this 2017 is where it’s at the peak because all the people are becoming fonder of the digital over traditional forms of media, especially since they don’t always have the time to look through readings and books and written articles, one thing why people like video more is the convenience it brings.

And with YouTube being the largest video search engine, people are turning to it for more information, news, life hacks, reviews and the like.

As marketers we want to gain an even wider audience reach, of course.

Because our audiences have turned to videos, we as marketers need to make it easier for them to view and understand our videos, to be on top of the competition.

Let’s not forget about the fact that videos take a lot of work.

From pre-production which includes planning, brainstorming, writing creative scripts and storylines, creating storyboards, looking for shooting sites, and doing this all over until you get the perfect story, to the production process itself which includes creating and bringing to life what you’ve started in pre-production, with all the specific angles, shots, and generally the whole look of your video, to finally post-production which includes editing, rendering and editing more till your heart drops and finally get contented and happy with what your video has turned out.

And it doesn’t end there, imagine the amount of time, effort and money you’ve spent to make this video. It will be painful if you don’t get the results you wanted for this. It would be painful to not see any audience feedback from what you did.

So to prevent all the pain and the losses, here’s how to make most out of your video outside of investing in the right camera

1.Start at a certain time option

If you create a custom link that will make a viewer start at a certain time, you’ll definitely send your marketing message clearly and immediately, they don’t have to wait for the whole video to come about before they get what you want to say.

How to do this? When you click the SHARE button below the video, you will see a box that says START AT, and you can go from there, assigning the exact time the video you’re about to share shall start. Very easy, and effective.

2. Transcripts and the search bar

Did you know that inserting captions in your video allow you to get more chances of showing up at the top of the search bar? One of Google and YouTube’s criteria in ranking is transcription, so what are you waiting for.

How to do this? Just click the CC (closed caption, a.k.a. subtitles) option and you can choose whether to upload a transcript file, paste a full transcript (YouTube will generate the timings) or do the safest and most accurate which is to type as you watch the video.

3.Customize your URLs

YouTube makes you customize your URL for a more personalized feel to it. And it’s easier for your audience to remember. Because we want to develop a certain form of recall, right?

How to do this? Go on in and explore your YouTube account settings. Click the ADVANCED option and go to the NAME section. Note that you must be eligible to change the URL, so if you see that option there, click on and change. Think of your custom link properly because you can only change it once.

4.Adding links

YouTube allows you to add annotations on the description box of each of your videos. This is where you can link your website, or your other channels, which is very strategic for a marketer.

5.Add music to make it more interesting

What’s a good video without music right? Music adds excitement, and it adds more to the emotion your video is trying to evoke. YouTube provides a wide collection of royalty free music and sound effects where you can choose from. Just go to the Audio Library in the Creator Studio.

You don’t want issues with copyright here, so even though you won’t find the latest pop songs, at least you’re given a good selection to choose from.

YouTube is a life changer. But before YouTube contributes a great impact in your company, first do your part in creating ground breaking and well thought of content.

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With the success we have seen in digital marketing, it’s not uncommon to get inspired. If you have a background in marketing or have been exposed to the latest media trends, you might probably have grasped a thing or two in the essentials in digital marketing.

But how do you start?  What do you have to do?

“You have to stand apart by offering high quality, relevant experiences to audiences that you truly understand.” ~ Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

The quote you just read is true. You have to stand apart. Although you may have an interest in marketing like many others, think of your edge. What do you have that they don’t? What can you offer that they can’t?

You have to offer high quality and relevant experiences. Now, how quality is high quality? How relevant is relevant? To answer that you should know your target market. Knowing you target market will make creating content easier for you. If you know how your target market beats, you know you’re producing something relevant. How do you know it’s of high quality? You know it is high quality when you’re generating traffic already.

You must reach out to an audience you truly understand. Now, assess yourself. Do you really understand everything about your audience? Do you really know how they think? What makes them happy? What gets them excited? You should understand your audience the way a mother understands her toddler’s words. You should understand how they react to things and what angers them. Assessing your grasp of your target market is important because this can make or break you.

Now that you know that. Here’s how to get started in your Digital Marketing Mogul Journey:

  1. Stay updated.

You must know every hot and trending topic. If you read everything, you are aware of how to tackle things. If you read everything, you can foresee probable problems and make solutions even before it starts happening.

As marketer must know the trends and must know how to work with these trends.

  1. Apply what you’ve learned

You may have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, but marketing is not textbook. It’s focused more on applying all you’ve read and all the principles you’ve been exposed to.

Create marketing strategies and by implementing it, you get a first-hand experience on what’s effective for your company and what’s not. One tip in implementing these is creating a checklist, if the things on the list are not checked, work on how to get it done.

  1. Create Good Content

Good content goes with everything. When you have mastered the art of creating good content, you will certainly have greater chances of being known.

Good content must be relatable and engaging. Always write in the simplest way. Highfalutin words can be intimidating and it defeats the purpose of audience engagement.

  1. Connect with your customers

Always make sure that you target market is happy and satisfied.  When you get happy customers, it increases you sales. You should know that by now. When you connect with your customers, you create a feeling of affinity, and people like it when they’re part of something, and that they can have a say at something.

To be a marketing mogul, you have to understand the basics. When you don’t have a good grasp of the basics, you may encounter mistakes that could have been prevented if you knew the basics.

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Advertising has been around since 1836, and it is still here up to this day because of how big of a business it has become. So much money has been invested in creating ads for traditional media but the assurance of landing customers isn’t always at par with the advertisers’ goals.

That’s why now we have digital advertising. Digital advertising is basically advertising through different social media platforms. Digital advertising is a newer form of making money out of media, but the production cost, time spent, and other collateral is less than that of traditional media. What’s even better about digital advertising is that we get a good grasp of the effectiveness of the ad.

Although digital advertising is a branch of advertising, the way to reach our audience is different digitally.

Have you heard of Web 2.0? It is where we see the thing connected to what we have previously viewed liked, shared and commented about. It’s actually very smart. As advertisers in the digital age, this is the chance where advertisers get to sell directly to prospect customers.

But, even as we have become adept to different social media platforms why do we still fail at digital advertising?

  1. Failing to think mobile

Yes, we know the ins and outs of traditional advertising, but that’s not how it’s done online. Sometimes, even the most effective traditional ads aren’t effective on digital.

So, how do we do it?

You must have a social media calendar. People hate it when they’re bombarded with too much ads. In our hopes to get money, subscribers, and a wide listing, we tend to overdo it. When we have a social media calendar, we can regulate our postings, and people could actually get to stop and read what we have to offer.

If we follow this calendar plan, more and more will be reached – daily.

  1. Advertising on the wrong site

Just because the site you’re planning to advertise to is an authority site with a big following, doesn’t mean it’s the site meant for your product or service to advertise on.

Make sure where you advertise reaches your target market too. It can be hard to choose, but when we put ads on the wrong site, this may actually damage our company.

  1. Faulty remarketing

Remarketing has continued to prove it’s effectivity over time. Remarketing is creating ads designed for the individual who has or who has not responded to the initial ad you posted. In this way, you can reach the prospective customer directly.

What we fail to do is we “untarget” the customers. We should not make them feel like they are being followed online, instead how we reach out to them must be spontaneous.

  1. Overly used ads

Yes, repetition is a thing. It is effective, but we don’t want to let people think that we don’t have time to create ads, and don’t you think this makes you a little desperate? Create a different ad message, and make sure you have a call to action.

  1. Social media + Ad mismatch

Don’t use the same ad in every social media platform. Yes, there’s only one message in all the ads, and yes the ads must be coherent, but that doesn’t mean it should be the same.

For example, Facebook is more for lengthy posts like testimonials and stories. You could also upload videos on Facebook. Instagram is for 15 second videos and well-curated pictures. You should know the type of ad that fits best for that social media platform.

Digital Advertising is promising. It brings a lot of opportunities for advertisers to be known. But as everything advances, so should our techniques in how we advertise our products.

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With thousands of the websites on the internet with a target market the same as yours, it can be difficult to get readers to actually view your site.

As marketers, we often ask ourselves “Why isn’t there enough traffic?” And as we try to know the answers, we may be getting even less and less traffic.

There are many reasons why we do not get enough traffic, and little did we know, most of them we ought to oversee.

So, what is “web traffic”? Basically, web traffic is having people on the internet stay on your site because your content is interesting, meaningful, and educational.

So why isn’t there enough traffic?

  1. Your content is not “worth” reading

Sometimes, when we overthink what we want to say, it comes out too forced. Because we want to impress our readers, and create traffic we fail to relay our message properly.

Search engines have become very keen in choosing good content. When your content is not high quality, don’t expect high ranking.

Take note that like you, Google and other search engines value what their readers read. Don’t blame it on them, they’re just doing their job!

So, what type of content is worth reading?

A content worth reading is timely. Readers like to know what’s on the now – try to make content that will keep them updated.

A content worth reading is relatable. When people can relate to your content, they will look forward to more content coming from you.

A content worth reading passes the SEO Copywriting Standards.

  1. Your keywords are barking at the wrong tree

When we search for topics, the top on the list is usually our basis in writing our headline and the keywords we use, but because there are so many other authority sites, we as beginners lose the chance on landing a spot at first page in the ranking.

What should we be doing then?

For example, your niche is on skin care. Instead of writing the most common title “how to get rid of pimples” write, “How to have clearer skin in 7 days.” In this way, you are more specific, and the keywords you use may land in the first page, as long as the article that goes with it is of high quality. We should have knowledge in the most common keywords, and use a different way to articulate you title.

  1. Your site is slow – maybe too slow

Put yourself in a position where you need to search something ASAP and you land on a site that’s too slow, what would you do? You will definitely leave the site before it loads. Lucky for you, there are thousands of other sites to search from but that’s a loss in the site you tried to open.

No matter how big the efforts you put in your content, or how much time you’ve spend promoting your blog in other social media platforms, when your site is slow, your traffic is low.

But imagine clicking on a site that loads after four or five seconds, you can increase the possibility of landing one or two pages in the first 10 positions.

As a beginner, you need to put extra effort to get traffic. It may seem frustrating, but at least you’ve come this far. Now that you know some common mistakes, you would want to avoid it right?

If you’ve read this and still didn’t get the traffic you’ve hoped for, contact us!

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